Our Mission & Values

Bring joy to the world through sound.

Music is the compression of human emotion into a sound wave. To hear something the way it was meant to be, in all its truth and glory, is a feeling like no other.

Across price-points and around the globe, our goal is to make great audio available for all to enjoy.

Jimi Hendrix used a guitar, Aretha Franklin her voice, Beethoven used the orchestra. Our instruments are speakers. They are our art and our craft, our means to move the world.


The single note that rings from a tuning fork is so true that in 100 years it will ring the exact same note.

That is how we talk to one another. We are intellectually honest. We say not the easy things, but the true things, in the spirit of integrity, helpfulness, curiosity and improvement.


We are never the spectators, we are always the performers, and we give every performance everything we’ve got no matter who is watching.

From making the most innovative new product to doing our best to keep costs low, no matter what your role in the company, grab the mic because it’s your show.


Our work blends in harmony with the work of our peers and our larger strategy.

To keep the band together we will have to communicate and always push for the best in each other. It’s on all of us to make the band great.


We were born to perform. We play at a fast pace and so does the marketplace.

We always push for the next step, the action items, and check the results. Make things happen in your group. As Elvis once sang, “A little less conversation, a little more action.”

Our Obligation Is Bigger Than Us

We support causes bigger than our own and are committed to serving the communities in which we operate
From championing diversity and inclusion to our pledge of providing the next generation a path to explore the wonders of making music. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.