Introducing the Polk Command Bar — the home theater sound bar system with Alexa built-in.

Just picture it: movie night with your family. You’re settling in for a double-down marathon, getting all caught up before the one that makes it a trilogy hits theaters shortly. An epic battle scene between iconic space heroes unfolds on-screen, and even though you’re loving the deep bass of those fighter jet explosions, it’s a little too much for the kids — and the dog. But you’re comfortable from your worn-in spot on the sofa, and don’t feel like reaching for the remote. You’re also hungry. What are you to do? Use your voice, of course.

“Alexa, turn down the bass.”

“Alexa, order a pizza.”

Alexa control and Polk Sound — Together.

The Polk Command Bar with Alexa built-in is the next generation in home theater. And it’s poised to bring a whole new meaning to the living room experience because now, your voice is your remote. Plus, you get the theater-quality sound you’ve come to love and expect from Polk, along with Fire TV compatibility. Give Alexa commands to control volume, bass, play or pause, select a film and much more.

Watching a scary movie and the immersive sound of the Polk Command Bar brings you a little too close to the action? Ask Alexa to stop the movie and change things up by putting on something a little lighter. Just say, “Alexa, stop the movie…. Alexa, play Love Actually.” Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Voice control for music and Audible books, too

In addition to Alexa voice-control for movies and Fire TV, the Polk Command Bar works with Spotify and Audible Books. Have Alexa cue up your favorite tunes from Spotify to suit your mood, or dive into your favorite book and ask Alexa to resume where you left off. Just say, “Alexa, play Bruce Springsteen from Spotify,” or, “Alexa, read Gangsterland by Tod Goldberg.” Whatever you want to watch, listen to or read, Alexa has you covered. Plus, with that legendary Polk sound driving the experience, you get the best sound quality matched up with seamless voice control.

What else can it do? That’s up to you and Alexa

Do you have a smart home? Ask Alexa to lock your doors and dim the lights. Need to get somewhere and don’t feel like driving? Ask Alexa to order you an Uber. Hungry? Alexa can easily find you a recipe for pasta puttanesca…or ask her to order you dinner, if you’re not in the mood to cook. Need to get in a quick workout? Alexa will set a timer to help you power through a set of burpees, or even start the 7-Minute Workout if you really want her to. Date night with your loved one? Alexa can pair wines with food, provide popular drink recipes and perform hundreds of other helpful tasks.

With your voice, Alexa control and Polk sound now accessible via the Polk Command Bar, you set the perfect tone for any occasion. All you have to do is “Just Ask.”