About Sound United

A Century of Audio Mastery

Built upon legacies that span decades, Sound United is home to a vast portfolio of brands that define the home entertainment experience.

A global force in more than 100 countries and counting, we’re a diverse team of dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs and musicians — all working in unison to deliver products that represent the pinnacle of audio excellence.

Leveraging the latest technologies to reproduce the very best in home theater and music listening — from revolutionizing the industry with a limitless array of Hi-Fi separates and systems, to engineering the first AV receivers and sound bars that work with Amazon Alexa — we pioneer innovation that changes how we enjoy media in all forms.

A Century of Audio Mastery
Sound Quality That Connects You to the World

The living room is the epicenter of entertainment.

It’s where we gather with family, host friends, catch up on our favorite shows or listen to that cherished album — all the while seeking more connectivity with the world around us.

Wherever you call home, Sound United is uniquely positioned to answer your needs and desires for quality audio and visual experiences across a wide range of categories.

AV receivers. Pre-amplifiers. Sound bars. Home theater speaker systems. Wireless speakers. Headphones. Technologies that power the accuracy you demand.

Because if it impacts how you hear it, see it and feel it, we’re there… all you have to do is listen.

Bringing Joy to the World Through Sound

Music is the compression of human emotion into a sound wave — inspiring generations of songs and movies that have changed the world.

It moves us in countless ways. And by doing so, bridges our differences, ignites our passions and connects our shared interests.

More than a portfolio of leading audio brands, Sound United is a passion movement, whose products are made by people, driven to innovate, as we pursue perfection in audio.

What you’ll hear is unparalleled quality, as we remain steadfast and focused in our mission: Bringing joy to the world through sound.