There is a sound, a world of infinite possibilities.

Maybe it’s the blockbuster with end-of-the-world special effects, or the gamer’s ninja reflexes slicing the air. It could be the jazz enthusiast’s sweet vinyl collection, or the perfect playlist at an outdoor party. It’s the runner’s favorite headphones helping them just get it done, and it’s an exciting new indie band’s first release.

It’s your sound, and it matters to us. Making your sound  right, really right, matters even more to us. That’s why recreating these sounds, in all their power and beauty and variety, has for decades been the work and passion of some of the leading audio companies in the U.S. Now these companies have been brought together under a single unique audio company called Sound United.

The power of Sound United is the power of these leading brands to offer anyone who loves great sound a complete range of choices, no matter their passion: music and movies, gaming and sports, TV programming and entertaining and personal audio.

From the minimalist cool of Definitive, with its perfect natural sound and audiophile pedigree, to Polk’s legendary sound, easily accessible to both novice and serious listener alike, to the crucible of BOOM at the leading edge of now, everyone will find their sound here, no matter how they want to enjoy it.

Sound United is your sound. Listen.